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Do Better. Be Better.

As an industry professional and advocate I know how my words can matter to those I work with. At every opportunity, it is my intention to positively influence those around me. Some times I fail. While my intentions may be protecting and advising my authors so they are not taken advantage of, I feel it is not very professional to comment on others intentions and practices without thought and therefore I’ve learnt from my mistakes and endeavour to always choose my words carefully. Not all companies and industry “professionals” feel this way however and some situations have recently been bought to my attention in the indie community that are not ok and certainly are in no way acceptable.

I want to pull back for a moment and reflect on the values that form how we operate as a business.

Inclusivity, diversity, empowerment, equality, integrity and respect. For myself and #theotherdirector these a non-negotiable for us as people and therefore in how we operate our business. We do not accept bulling of any kind either through exclusion or aggression. This is why the recent behaviour of some individuals in the indie book “community” are abhorrent to me.

It is not at any time necessary or acceptable to publicly (or privately for that matter) verbally assault, disrespect and degrade another person. This has happened more than occasionally in recent months, but there is an example I will use to demostrate my case (names and locations removed).. A n all-out verbal attack by one author on another at a convention that left witnesses traumatised and horrified by the appalling behaviour displayed.  This was a public “rage” attack from one person with a large physical presence to someone who took up much less physical real estate, the first inequality. The second was that is was aggressively delivered. The third is that the person who undertook this appalling, bullying attack was then congratulated for “standing up for themself” by their .. lets call them, support team.

Let me be perfectly clear that standing over someone while yelling at them is NOT communicating, its aggression. It is not assertive, it is violence, and in this day and age where we are trying to reduce the violence in our society, supporting this behaviour makes you just as bad as the perpetrator.

I don’t know the excuses behind why these incidences occurred and quite frankly I DON’T CARE. If you are that angry and have that little control over the words that spew forth from your mouth, shut it and keep it closed. Even try walking away and gaining some control over your emotions. For the rest of us we need to do better. Make it known on every platform you have access to that our community finds this behaviour unacceptable. Do not single people out, I want to be very clear on that. Let’s use our collective voices to say no. We all need to DO BETTER and BE BETTER.


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