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This subsidized program is provided courtesy of #theotherdirector Becky Paroz, through her other business #getyourbootson


Becky Paroz doesn’t fit in. She has worked for nearly 30 years in the construction industry, taking names and making one for herself. She loves her work boots, colours her hair purple and speaks loudly with a strong and confident voice. Bek makes her place in the world, she has never waited for a space to open for her Moving beyond mentoring within industry for the last 10 years, Becky is now seeking her tribe to connect within and would love to hear from any fellow mavericks and nonconformists out there who want to have success and resilience in the publishing industry.

Becky has been and continues to be a speaker at state and national industry conferences; she is a driving force for the development and integration of culture and systems for industry improvement. Delivering workshops that transcend lessons learnt and focus on the improvement of human capital in relation to project management and beyond. Becky is known for her use of humor to challenge status quo thinking and offering alternative views for consideration. She is motivated to pass on her lessons learnt to assist and educate the next generation of leaders to become high achievers like herself.


She knows the struggle that can be imposter syndrome, the loneliness that is a lack of peers and experienced colleagues, the overwhelm that comes with the idea of achievement without cheerleaders and the fatigue that ensues without the ability to manage one’s mindset when the 3am voices take over. Sometimes they weave the most fabulous of craft, which of course fades rapidly in the cold light of day. Sometimes they list the endless missed possibilities, opportunities and compound it with a handy list of inadequacies.

Of course, you don’t show it the world, but it is there. Writing and the business of being a creative is a lonely place for the most part. And when the creation pauses and the business starts, the change in mindset can be rapid, painful, sudden and occasionally less than “supportive”.


Coaching and mentoring are the new way of saying trades and apprenticeships for those industries that used to use clerks and that period of “junior internship” type of arrangement that is less practical and prevalent than it used to be. Instead now we have many coaches and mentors, most of who are leveraging their experience in order to support and nurture a new and emerging wildcard to the industry – the rise of the indie. The phenomena of self-publishing has created some monsters that feed off the innocent and new, to the ability to access some true industry greats and learn from the leaders. What is missing is the business (corporate, industrial and even retail skills are all relevant here) of running a professional business, for people who have not had that experience before and by, general accounts, being of a creative nature, have never been exposed to that kind of knowledge, never had the chance to learn those kinds of skills. What is risk management to an author? The answers should concern you.


In order to support the industry advocacy that is part of the platform for Imaginarium 2.0, we have created a subsidised and heavily discounted program to offer mentoring and coaching to professional writers to support them in the business of writing. The long-term professional and commercial development of the writer mindset, focused on business when not immersed and wandering in the worlds of their creation. The reality mindset of making creating a professional venture and the joy of creating a business that allows the future financial freedom of the writer to become a reality… that’s what our mentoring programs offer.



This limited placement program is specifically for independent creatives**. Condition for consideration of entry to the program:

  • 18 years of age and over
  • Professional Writing goals with some writing experience – writing experience does not have to be in the genre you desire to write
  • Have one specific project to apply to skills and knowledge provided as part of course program
  • Be committed to having project to a point where it is ready for the publishing cycle (indie self/pub ONLY)
  • Writing skills to a report (for technical) or published (creative) level or better – must be able to demonstrate writing ability – writing capability is judged as comprehension to high level, advanced vocabulary, ability to construct ideas and represent a matter in text form only, understanding of communication exchange as a way of engaging with audience
  • Submit 2 pieces of work, both as different as possible in execution to showcase range – the Mentor is looking for your best pieces, so don’t filter anything from the potential submissions. If your best work is a recipe and your goal is write a book that involved a lot of cooking, it showcases your skills
  • Decision of successful applicant is made by a selection process that creates a short-list for the Mentor to select the candidates from. The Mentor’s decision is final and no feedback can be given for unsuccessful candidates. All unsuccessful candidates are encouraged to apply again for the next years’ intake. Any feedback provided is discretionary..


NB: This program does not teach, and is not intended to teach, the craft of writing. It assumes a high level of writing ability and is focused on developing the mindset of a successful and professional author who is focused on performance excellence.

** Where creative art is the subject (visual media includes photography, graphic design, cartoon and animation specialists) please provide examples similar to the above but in your chosen media. If uncertain, please make several suggestions for the Mentor to request further information from, should your application make it past the first selection panel.







Questions to complete - between 100 – 600 words responses recommended


Why do you believe mentoring is how you will achieve your next goals and successes?

What are you prepared to do to achieve your next goals and successes and how will a mentor hold you accountable to do the work?

What type of author do you want to be and how far along your writing journey are you? Mention genre, style and existing published works.

What other study have you done, what other skills have you identified, that will assist you in being a professional writer?

Why should you be selected for the mentoring program?

Attached two samples of writing, one published if possible, between 600 – 1500 words. Can be an extract from any piece of work that demonstrates writing capability.



In addition to Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) provided with invoice, the following conditions apply to applications and candidates.


All program entries granted require a video testimonial, written testimonial and social media sharing rights at the completion of the program from the participant.


No refunds are given once payment is made.


Failure to make payment results in immediate removal from the program. If you do not respect the agreements you make, undertake the work required to further your goals, the place allocated to you will be given to a new applicant from the waiting list. Failure to show up to 2 appointments consecutively will result in removal from the program and inability to re-apply at any time in the future.

All payments shall be made in advance of the mentoring appointment with no exceptions. Your investment is tax-deductible as a business expense – please request business receipt when confirming payment details should you be successful in being granted a position in the program.


Intake for last half of 2019 are current. These will close at the end of May 2019, with successful candidates notified approximately two weeks later. Your application may be held over for a position in the 2020 programs if you indicated this is desirable. All application reviews and decisions regarding program placement are the right of the Mentor (QBPS Pty Ltd) and are final. Placements are not guaranteed. Payment is required to finalise the access to the program before enrollment is considered complete.


Intake is limited to 8 people per half year. Only one intake, with a selection of 6 or 12 month program is permitted per application. Once selection and payment has been made, upgrades to program (i.e. from 6 months to 12 months) must be requested within the first three (3) months of the program commencing and upgrade is discretionary based on availability and not guaranteed.



Programs Available






Topics Covered for Performance mindset:

  • What it takes to self-motivate and self-manage
  • Maximizing time versus effort – the concept of “too busy”
  • Goal setting and goal tracking for success
  • Being Your Own Mentor
  • Overcoming Obstacles – the Path to Resilience
  • Confidence – Believing You Can Do It
  • Action – the Missing Piece







Becky is a regular speaker at state and national industry and women's conferences for many years now. Her latest presentation is in India at the Global WEF (insert hyperlink?)

A great portion of Becky’s early inability to speak came from being diagnosed with an incurable chronic illness at the age of 18 that was poorly managed by the process at the time. Some of it was just social conditions, sshhh now dear, the men are talking.

Becky Paroz has almost 30 years experience in engineering and construction. She has demonstrated her leadership skills through her involvement in graduate training programs and in house workshops for many of her employers. Her formal training as a performance coach allows her to generate learning outcomes that create lasting change.

She has been involved in public speaking since one of her managers put her in front of 600 men and told her she had 20 minutes to teach them how to do their job properly. Receiving a standing ovation at that presentation set her up for a lifetime addiction to receiving applause.


If you want to raise your voice and learn the art of confident public presentation, then this is the investment for you….