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Plaigerism: The Rumour mill and the Russians

In the mid 2000s we were seeing the second or third evolution of the company that would be Amazon and plagiarism was a wild fire burning through the book industry rumour mill. Back then the books were in PDF and windows reader format. So they were copied, pasted and retitled and sold. It was shocking, horrifying and the rumour mill turned. It was Russian gangs out to make a quick churn and burn profit at the industry's expense. Faceless, opportunist that were taking advantage of a growing medium in the industry and the lack of controls in place.

It was spoken of in hushed tones amongst booksellers and authors alike. But was it true? Maybe, however its more likely, maybe not. No one really knows where copy, paste, retitle and sell started it just did and some changes have happened to try and control it but it just seems to be growing. Because there's a profit to be made by a company that has a monopoly in the industry and quite frankly, the Indie community is taking the hardest hit. We can't fight back like a major publishing houses can and Amazon is absolved of any liability the moment you agree to their terms before listing your book.

Its that lack of liability that means they don't have a stake in the game. We do. How much are the readers and writers willing to take before we all revolt?


Next week - Plagiarism: You've been Ghosted



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