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Stand Up and Stand Out: Rising Above The Industry Noise

It’s no secret major publishing has a strong voice in the book industry. With four to five thousand new release titles each month hitting the shelves and PR and marketing departments behind those releases; it’s hard to imagine how with ten thousand plus indie releases each month as well that a new voice can be heard. Very few authors have with a first, second, third or even twentieth release see the rocket to stardom that Amanda Hocking and a few others were so lucky to have had. Most of us in the creative industries know that that luck doesn’t always come and all that is left is hard work, determination and a whole lot of frustration and anxiety.

How then? How can you be heard above the deafening roar of the book market?

There are 3 things that I know make a difference. They are simple but take courage; and they work across independent industries.

1. Support other authors. Share, collaborate and foster true community with each other. Put sentiment into action.

2. Be professional. Your writing is your trade. It is a skill. You have worked hard to bring your story to life. Don't devalue it. Source people with genre specific and credible industry experience for all your technical needs. Learn to speak publicly with polish. Treat your fans with respect, remember they are your biggest advocates and your harshest critics.

3. This is probably the most important of all. Use your own voice. There will always be trends but uniqueness isn't a fad. Use your true voice, the one that expresses your passion and love of your work. Connect to your audience by being authentic in everything you do.


As a final note, success is subjective. We all have a certain expectation of ourselves that we want to meet. Be kind to yourselves when you think you're falling short. If your words impact just one other human being in a positive way today you have achieved something beautiful.




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